About SoulSistaNaturals Inc.

 Blessings Beautiful People!

My handmade products are made with love and patience. They are safe, vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, and made with gentle ingredients. Hand-poured to provide you with the perfect vibe and scent for all your affirmation, meditation, and relaxation needs

Now a bit about me...

I am a Certified Life Coaching and Certified Laws of Attractions Coaching Services as well as Self-Published Author.
I always had a passion for all things natural and supporting other women-owned small businesses.
All my raw ingredients are from small women-owned businesses from around the globe.

I am a Certified Cosmetologist since 2009 and I have over 10 certifications in the  skincare industry. 
I have gone through major ups and downs, pain, and depression, it’s a miracle that I am still standing, still fighting, and still climbing.

 I’ve been through it all..!!
So believe me when I say: Thank You So Much for visiting my website, you mean the world to me

Love & Light 


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